Ghost Pepper Fireballs

These Ghost Pepper Fireballs are just the best thing to impress with at your next bbq event. Who am I kidding? Take any excuse you can muster up and just make these, event or not! They are just the best thing ever. Let me tell you what you’re looking at here: spiced chilli meatballs, stuffed with cheese, wrapped in a layer of onion, then wrapped in bacon and basted with chilli jam. I mean, come on! Make these now. You can thank me later 😉

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Peruvian Green Chilli Sauce

I am a great lover of chillies. Consequently, I always have at least a few different kinds of hot sauce on the go for the various meals I make. This week I managed to get hold of some Ají Amarillo Paste online and decided to make this Peruvian Green Sauce. It’s really quite excellent – fresh, herby and zingy. Delicious. Do give it a go! Continue reading “Peruvian Green Chilli Sauce”